The way we work

Our process for a design project is: 

Questionnaire and job brief

We start off by asking lots of questions. Sorry about that but it is important. 
It's just that you will know a lot more about your industry, product or service's USPs, market, competition and so on than we will. We also need to know what is required and for what purpose. 
This will go on to form the brief, including the scope of the project, so we know what we should be doing and you know what to expect. 


Based on the information in the brief, we look at the marketplace and see what's going on. We take note of trends, perceptions, what works (and what doesn't) and who the players are. 
We'll also look into the sector to find out about specific terminology and imagery. 


From the information gained so far, we start the creative process of conceptualising or problem solving. 
We'll look at ways that the solution can be achieved, from different perspectives. All different but all meeting the requirements of the brief. These ideas get whittled down and refined to the point where they can be presented, along with an explanation of our thought processes. These can be fairly rough at this stage but there's not too much point refining something that may be discarded. 

Concepts sent for review

Once ready, the initial concepts are presented for review. From the feedback received, a direction is agreed for development.
With clients we know well, the ideal solution can be arrived at during this first stage. Sometimes more development is required. It just depends. 

Stage 2 designs

The chosen path is developed further, with more refinement, including any extra ideas or information. 
A further review follows, with a few more options provided. These are typically variations on a theme, as the design concept has been agreed. 


Once the design is approved, artwork files are created and supplied for production. These will be set up accurately using the correct colours, file setup, fonts and resolution for the intended use. 


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